martedì 10 maggio 2016

A postcard from South Africa

It's time to say it english!

Last week i received a postcard... i can't remember the last time i received one. Many yars ago for sure. It was from Bert! Some weeks ago he asked me my streed address, when the postcard arrived i had nearby forgotten it, but suddenly realized back and it was a very nice surprise.

I met Bert in nouakchott one year and a half ago. I remember him a very nice and easy person, i remember he was riding south to South Africa. My trips looked immediately so small and easy compared to his adventure! This winter he did it again and did all the way back to Cape Town.

So thank you Bert from the posctard and to all you readers, if you like, take a moment to have a look to Bert's website:

There are some very nice pictures of his great adventure!

Bye to all


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