giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

The End

It is time to face the truth, the trip is over... Honestly it ended more or less one month ago but... you know. This is the post you never want to write.
I'm sorry for all the italian readers but... this is their time to use google translator ;-). I present my excuses even to the foreing people because my english is... what it is. But let's go on.

This adventure came to an end. It was an amazing experience, very difficult to describe. I would like to say a big hallo and enormous THANK YOU to all the amazing friends I met on the road.

To Pascal, Djamal, Ricky, Kevin, Cher, Bert, Leo, Hughes, Vito and all the other travellers i met: you worthed the trip! You where an unexpected and unforgettable experience i will never forget!!

When you start for a long trip, you have a lot of expectations: you dream about the desert, the "piste", wild animals, you are warried about customs, foreign countries where you have never been in... and a lot of other things. But, the people you meet on the road are the real trip. The experience you will remember most.

Guys this post has to get to an end, i hope to meet you again sooner or later. The GS and I... we are already willing for some more road to ride ;-)

By to all and thank you


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