sabato 30 maggio 2015


Ok, this is an importan post; not like many others... i have to do my best! As for all important post, i'm always late... i need to improve.

Two days ago, more or less, my great friend Pascal came in Como (better say Milan) to visit the Expo. Everything happened very quickly, Pascal send me an email few days ago, telling me he was arriving in Milan for the expo. If i was in town he would join me for a beer. I promptly replied he was my guest! We fixed the last details via cell phone.
I joined him in Milan, in Piazza Cadorna. In the meantime he has bought back an old Africa Twin, exactly the same he had in his trip to Guinea Bissau.
When we met, for me, was like a leap back in the past... One year and a half ago. In Noackhott, or on the sand dunes behind Dakhla, for the most amazing christmas night of my life. Ok, let's point it out: Pascal and I we are totally straight, there is no... "passion" between us (just to be clear, because i'm really interested in girls and... you know ;-) just a tip in italian: "Cecilia non ti preoccupare!!! :-* )  but Pascal is the type of guy you could ride the world with.

We ride back to Como, and it felt very strange to see again his shape in my mirrors... strange but great! I could load my bike and start another trip in a matter of seconds!
We reach Como and have a great dinner, talking all the evening like two vets... we spent together just few days of our life but it was enough to build a strong friendship... at least for me.
I would like just to tell a moment of this great evening: at the end of dinner i ask for something to drink: two Braulio on the  rocks! (The Braulio is a local tipical digestive liquor, like the pastisse, or the porto) Pascal just sip it and shout: "My friend, is it a problem, if i don't drink it? It's just disgusting to me!" He didn't know i have just gifted him a bottle of the precious liquor! :-DDD

We had a great lough together, and Pascal insisted to take the Braulio home with him. I'm curious about the future of the bottle ;-)

Pascal is planning a trip in Mongolia, i wish him all the best! Bonne route mon ami, and bonne courage... not only for the trip!


P.S. : mi scuso per l'inglese non esattamente di Oxford, e lo faccio in italiano perchè le scuse in inglese sarebbero peggio del post. E' molto difficile rivivere e descrivere le emozioni che si provano incontrando un compagno di viaggio. Un di quelli che lasciano il segno e ti ricordano tante cose, come tante cose ti hanno insegnato. Con grande umiltà e parlando sempre sotto voce... Pascal è stato una parte importante del viaggio verso Dakar, del mio primo viaggio verso Dakar... rivederlo ha riportato alla mente mille ricordi, e soprattutto la voglia di ripartire e rivivere un'altra esperienza incredibile; magari per incontrare altre persone pazzesche come lui!

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