domenica 2 agosto 2015

01/08/2015 - Hannover

I promised to write this post in english... So, my dear italian friends this time you will have to translate.
I reach Hannover early in the afternoon after a booring day on the autobahn. There' plenty of roadwork so there's no any fun driving a loaded Discovery north in the middle of the traffic. However, my plan is to set up the camp and than to move to the city. The camping is very nice, with an inviting beergarten... I decide to have a beer and take a decision later.

Few beers later i decide to stay in the camping and have a look to the map of Iceland ;-). An try to set a route for the southern part.

As you can see the camping is not exactly crowded. Getting back to the tent, or the car... Or both, i make friend with my neighbors from Hannover, a group of young guys and girls from the near city. We immediately start to chat, they offer beer, i offer wine. I think it's great time for everybody.
They ask me a lot of questions about my travels and the car, i suddenly say that i am a biker, not a driver! But this trip has a long story...
The evening ends with my friends singing around the fire and me going to bed.
The italian salami has been very appreciated, like german beers and all the rest. The morning after we share a coffe and say goodby... Perhaps ;-)


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